Welcome to The Referral Centre

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We are committed to pets receiving the care they need and deserve.

Our objective is to provide the next level of Veterinary care in medicine, surgery, imaging, dermatology, rehabilitation and dentistry. New areas of expertise are always evolving and we will add Veterinarians to our team as the need arises.

To achieve this we have a special team of Veterinarians with expertise in a range of disciplines (see Our Expertise). They have all undertaken additional training, advanced qualifications and have referral experience.

Our veterinarians are available from different facilities in Auckland and Hamilton.

You can find the service you require and the closest facility via our website or just call 0800 Vet Expertise

We also provide a diagnostic interpretation service and phone consultations are available for cardiorespiratory medicine.

For further information on how to send ECG, xrays, ultrasound or CT/MRI images for interpretation contact the Diagnostic vet.

Each of our team are dedicated professionals who want to provide the best outcome for every patient they treat.

The referral process requires primary veterinarians to refer pets to us. We need them to send us all the relevant medical records, diagnostics undertaken and laboratory results. Without these we can not provide the next level of care.

We send our referral patients back to their primary veterinarian as soon as we can with all the information they need so they can continue with the aftercare and ensure there is a full recovery.

This is important to us and our relationship with veterinarians in NZ so please respect this and ask your primary veterinarian to organise a referral.

Patients requiring care from a registered veterinary specialist will be given this option.

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